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[Produce news]Angel yeast extract: the secret of high-quality yogurt
Rich in peptides, amino acids, nucleotides and vitamins, etc., Angel Yeast Extract is widely used in the field of food flavoring and bio-...


Baking demonstrations hold in Angel Cairo
December 20 2015, Cairo local time, a baking demonstrations hold in Angel headquarters Cairo Egypt.


Mr. Xu, vice Governor of Hubei China visit Dankov Lipetskaya
Dec. 10 to 11th 2015, a 14-person economic and trade delegation leaded by Mr. Xu, vice Governor of Hubei China visit Dankov Lipetskaya Oblast Russia


Angel Yeast Dankov plant kick off
The Angel yeast facility (20,000 MT ) construction kicked off as the excavators start up. That means Angel Yeast Co., (Russia) Ltd start sailing.


[Conference news] Angel Yeast attend Metabolic Engineering Summit 2015
From 30 Nov to 2 Dec, 2015, Metabolic Engineering Summit 2015, organized by International Metabolic Engineering Society (IMES), was held ...


[Exhibition news] Angel Microbial Nutrition Division attend CPHI India
From Dec 1 to Dec 26, CPHI INDIA was held in Mumbai, India. Microbial nutrition division of Angel Yeast Co.,Ltd.attend this exhibition. ...


What is Frozen Dough
Dough freezing is a technology that cutting off a progress when produce the bread under normal circumstances to get dough or semi-product. Then get them for quick freeze (below - 30 ℃) and keep in storage below -18 ℃. The storage life for the frozen dough can reach 3 to 6 months. And it is usually used up in 3 months.


Hydrolyzed Yeast replaces SDPP highly recommended by Academician Yin Yulong
In the third China Biological feed Technology Conference, Mr Yin Yulong, the academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, showed that Hydrolyzed Yeast replaces SDPP and Yeast Cell Wall replaces antibiotics research results, among which were the cooperation projects with Angel.


Baker’s yeast, Food ingredients & Baking solutions
Angel will not miss the world’s top baking show. 3 years ago, Angel was here with yeast, now she’s come back with more. Such as yeast, baking ingredients, and baking solutions. After IBA 2015, we noted that Angel is not only committed to the fermentation, but provides a comprehensive solution for baking.


Angel yeast qualified for EU organic product
Recently, 8 products qualified for EU organic certification in Angel Yeast, including: dry wine yeast, autolysis yeast, inactive yeast, yeast extract, yeast cell wall, feeding Selenium yeast, feeding dry yeast, manno proteins.


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