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11 important activities of Angel yeast company in 2016

2016 witnessed Angel’s great achievements. From January 1 to December 31, the staffs in Angel spared no efforts to be of service to society, environment, consumers and customers. In the end of 2016, we looked back to make a summary. Here is the list of 11 important activities happened in 2016.

1. Agents' and customers' appreciating meeting in Singapore 2016

From Apr. 12 to 16, 2016, Angel Yeast participated in the FHA 2016 in Singapore. On this expo, Angel provided customers professional baking and Chinese dimsum solutions and ingredients, which attracted many consumers. During the activity, the president Yu Xuefeng met the regular customers and agents in Singapore to express Angel’s gratitude to them for their support to the development of Angel.

2. Industrial Bio-Process Optimization and Control Conference 2016

From Apr. 16 to 17, 2016, Industrial Bio-Process Optimization and Control Conference 2016, organized by Modeling and Control of bio-process of Chinese microbiology society, were successfully held in Yichang, China. Angel, as the main host, played a significant role. 

3. 2016 Angel YE Distributors Annual Meeting

On May 26, 2016, Angel YE (yeast extract) distributors annual meeting was held in Yichang. The chairman Yu Xuefeng and deputy general manager Stan Wang attended the meeting and delivered a speech. More than 170 distributors’ representatives participated the meeting. The theme of this meeting was "product upgrades, further development, and capacity improving, and developing together". 

4. Seminar on quality standard and control technology of yeast feed products

On Jun. 17, 2016, seminar on quality standard and control technology of yeast feed products was held on time in Yichang, Huibei province, which was supported by National Feed Industry Standardization Technical Committee. Angel, as the main host, shared its experiences about the production of the yeast feed with the participants. The achievements of Angel were admitted by the expert Rosenberger from Holland.

5. Angel’s advertisement in MBC MISR

On local time August 18, Angel’s overseas advertisement was released at the peak time in MBC MISR which is the most influential television station in Middle East. As the first advertisement in Arabia area, it was made by the Angel representatives of China and Egypt and was performed by the actor in Egypt, whose originality and performance were conformed to the cultural characteristics of China and Middle East. 

6. National annual meeting of the alcohol industry in Yichang

On Aug. 24, Angel undertook the 2016 national annual meeting of the alcohol industry in Yichang, Hubei province. This conference, centering on the theme of “alcohol industry development and technology progress”, summed up the development of the alcohol industry in 2015 and the first half of 2016, and then prospected for future development. The dry yeast of Angel was widely applied in the alcohol industry and promoted the technic and the efficiency of the alcohol industry, which is consistent with the policy of energy-saving and emission-reduction.

7. The First Eurasian Baking Forum in Russia

On local time October 7, the first Eurasian Baking Forum "Bread - Our World", which was organized by Russian Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Russian Bakery Products Association, was held in the main hall of Moscow Federation Chamber of Commerce and Industry Building. Li Jinglong, who is from Angel International Baking Division, gave a lecture entitled "Chinese and Russian Baking Industry Boost the Development of Strategic Partnership of Two Countries".

8. 50th anniversary of FCBAI BAKERY FAIR PHILIPPINES trade union

From October 14 to 15, the president Yu Xuefeng visited Philippines and met the local customers. During the process, Mr. Yu was invited to the 50th anniversary of FCBAI BAKERY FAIR PHILIPPINES trade union and released a speech.

9. The 30th anniversary of Angel

On October 22, 2016, Angel held the 30th anniversary to motivate and lead the whole staffs to work for the dream of “Century Angel”. The president Yu Xuefeng and other managers delivered the speeches. 

10. Summit Forum for Chinese bakeries

On Nov. 8, Summit Forum for Chinese bakeries and the national outstanding bakery summit was undertaken by Angel in Yichang, Hubei province. This summit, based on the theme of “strategy, blend, innovation, and capacity”, invited seven experts from Germany, Holland, Japan, Korea, Austria and China to deliver speeches which gave advices and suggestions for Chinese bakery industry to better step into the 2.o era.

11. The first batch of Angel Russian staff: We graduated from China!

December 7 was an unforgettable day for the Angel Russian staff. In 2016, Angel Russian factory’s construction project was launched. It provides a lot of jobs in Russia. Many high educated and talented young Russians are very interested in the yeast company from China. They have a strong desire to join in Angel Yeast Company. To make them reach the requirements of the job, Angel provided them the opportunities with training and internship in China.


Angel exerts all its energies to do better in the path of developing biotechnology and innovated healthy life, being employee-oriented, user-sourced and technology and quality vital. Inside the company, the staffs form a healthy and pleasant working atmosphere; outside the company, we build harmonious relationships with other manufacturers, government, companies and share information and experiences with them to achieve win-win situation. Retrospect is to make us sum up the success and failure so as to do better in 2017. 2017, we will keep going forward.

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