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Yeast Extract for Fermentation

YE-Fermentation and culture media

    As a kind of good performance nutrient source for broad range of microorganisms and cells, Angel yeast extracts can be widely used in bench scale fermentation in laboratory and large scale industrial fermentation in factory. Angel could also supply yeast extract with high performance for culture media industry.

Main Products:
Ultrafiltered yeast extract
Standard yeast extract
Yeast peptone
Substitute of brewer's yeast extract
Nutrient enriched yeast extract 
Autolyzed yeast & Inactive yeast
Peptone & Tryptone
-   Biopharmaceuticals industry
-   Food and nutrition industry
-   Environment and agriculture industry
-   Culture media

Company advantages
-  Sufficient capacity: Angel is the largest yeast extract manufacturer in the world
-  Strong capability of R&D: Post-doctoral workstation, China national recognized laboratory, Scale-up experiments platform, International experts group
-  Advanced quality and environmental pollution control: Siemens PCS7 system, ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000 certified.
-  Rich experiences for international business: 40% existing market is outside of China, establish business with more than 140 countries

Product advantages
-  "Zero risk" in production of culture media and fermentation: Animal-free, GMO-free, non-allergen and non-pathogen.
-  No risk of customs and taboos: Kosher and Halal certified.
-  Balanced and complete nutrients: Promote growth and metabolism of microorganisms.
-  High consistency: Stable performance between different batches.
-  Available in various physical forms: Liquid, paste and powder.
-  Customized products: Tailor made products according to specific needs of customers

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