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Alcohol high gravity fermentation technology

What is alcohol high gravity fermentation?
That is using highly concentrated mash to ferment in the process of alcohol production. The purposes are as following:

1. Reduce energy consumption: energy consumption is a main sour of cost next to grain consumption in alcohol production. From the point of grain consumption, thealcohol yield of starch can reach 56.82% in theory. However, in the actual production process, the average alcohol yield of starch is 53%, immediate yeald is 93-94%. Considering sugar consumption in yeast reproduction reaches 97%, so the energy consumption plays a dominant role. Based on the past experience, steam consumption is declined by 300 kilograms when alcohol volume increases by 1 degree.

2. Reduce the consumption of process water. The current ingredient to water ratio is around 1:25 in general alcohol plants. But with highly concentrated high gravity process, the ratio is 1:18 to 1:20, therefore it saves at least 2 tons of water.

3. Reduce loss: ethanol and water can dissolve each other. There must be some ethanol that cannot be effectively used in the distillation process. The higher ethanol concentration, the less final relative loss (remnant).

4. Reduce the production cost of DDGS and improve yield rate. If the concentration of fermentation mash is high, solids will be high. It will lead to lower separation and dry cost, and higher yield rate.

5. Reduce waste water

6. Improve equipment utilization.

The characteristics of Angel Thermal tolerant alcohol active dry yeast:
main fermentation temperature can reach 42℃, which proves that this strain has a very high resistance to ethanol toxicity. According to routine testing approach of ethanol performance, the strain is resistant to 13% ethanol. Our current experiments and some experiments of universities and colleges found out that the alcohol volume of Angel Thermal tolerant alcohol active dry yeast can reach 17% or above (percentage by volume). Major alcohol enterprises which take corn as raw material in large scale experiment make up 14%, taking wheat starch as raw ingredient can yield 16%.   

All the above facts demonstrate that Angel Thermal tolerant alcohol active dry yeast has potential capability of high gravity fermentation.

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