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Angel Rice Wine Yeast

The Chinese rice wine is a traditional Chinese folk snack, with its scientific name "glutinous rice wine" and more than a thousand years' history. It is made with mainly cooked glutinous rice or cooked rice by adding beneficial microorganisms and through fermentation. The brewing process is simple. It has sweet and mellow taste, and is popular in China, Southeast Asia, Japan South Korea and other countries and regions.

 Angel Rice Wine Yeast is manufactured with microbial culture technology and advanced equipment, and the microbial it contains is very useful to the rice wine fermentation. High purity strains, stable quality, very small quantities can achieve the desired effect.

 Dosage: add 0.3-0.4% according to the amount of glutinous rice or rice.

 Packing: 8 g * 2 * 40 * 4 box, 300g * 20