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Yeast Cell Wall CW101

Yeast Cell Wall  CW101

Provides a new technical tool to promote the fermentation of wine .

The promoting role of yeast cell wall is based on its ability to absorb harmful yeast substances that are produced during yeast metabolism, among which of the appreciation of which Kwai acid is the most inhibiting.


Protein: 18~28%

Fat: 10~20%

Minerals: 3~5%

Carbohydrate: 47~60%

Water: 2~6 %


The product can absorb the short-chain fatty acids and fermentation toxins produced in the wine fermentation, and activate the yeast to make the yeast revive and increase the number of living cells of yeast, to optimize the fermentation performance and avoid slow or stagnant fermentation.

The performances are as follows:

It absorbs the multi-chain fatty acid and pesticide residues and prevents slow or stagnant fermentation to ensure the smooth progress of the fermentation;

It provides a wealth of survival factors, and stimulates alcoholic fermentation and malolactic fermentation, which is conducive to restart the fermentation or secondary fermentation;

It improves the quality of the wine appearance and structure and enhances the wine stability.


In the fermentation of grape juice, to avoid slow or stagnant fermentation, it is recommended to add the right amount of yeast cell wall after the formation of the "cap" for the red wine fermentation. For white wine, it can be added in advance or at the same time with yeast, which can effectively prevent fermentation stops.


150 ~ 400ppm, in accordance with OIV "International Pharmacopoeia for Grape Wine”


5kg/ bag or box, or 20kg/bag.  

Storage and shelf life

store in low temperature and dry place, with the shelf life of 24 months.