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Yeast Nutrient FN502

This product is yeast autolysis preparations, rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and essential component of life. It, fermented in the juice, with rational allocation and balance of yeast nutrition, will maintain maximum and most stable yeast viability and metabolism,  and also will maintain the optimization of the fermentation degree, quality, and flavor.


Apperance: Hygroscopic powder

Color: Light yellow

Solution: Water solution completely


1, It makes up for the lack of nutrients in the juice fermentation and promotes yeast growth and metabolism;

2, It prevents yeast premature aging and adverse yeast flavor;

3, It improves the efficiency of yeast fermentation, and makes the wine of more fresh and mellow flavor;

4, It improves the yeast metabolic pathways and reduces the higher alcohols and other adverse by-products.


Yeast Nutrients is recommended for the following situations:

Alcohol content> 14%

Total raw sugar> 250g / L

Juice clarification <50NTU

Fermentation temperature <18 ℃,


Too early harvested raw materials or too heavy bacterial contamination,  the availability of nitrogen in the fermented mash <200mg / L, etc.

Dissolve Yeast Nutrients with fruit juice or warm water, and add directly to the mash and stir even.


Normal Dosage:  100~200ppm

Unfavorable conditions, slow fermentation: 200 ~ 400ppm


10kg/bag or 20kg/bag


Storage and shelf life

store in low temperature and dry place, with the shelf life of 18 months.