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Yeast Extract-Savoury

Yeast Extract-Savoury

Research has found the taste that people can feel comes mainly from three substances: glutamate, inosine monophosphate, and guanosine monophosphate. The combination of these three substances forms a most delicious taste.

Yeast Extract (YE), came from baker's yeast, extracted the proteins, nucleic acids and other natural ingredients from the yeast cells.  

YE is a natural flavor ingredient with characteristic of clean label.

Angel provide a wide range of yeast extract products which can creat natural savory flavors. These are widely used in the production of instant foods, meat products, seasoning, and nutritional products ect.


Why angel yeast extract?

Quality Management

Prodcut range
- Basic Yeast Extract
- Strong Umami taste Yeast Extract
- Strong Kokumi taste Yeast Extract
- Flavor Yeast Extract

      Soy Sauce Flavor
      Meat Flavor
      Cheese Flavor
      Vegetable flavor
-Autolyzed Yeast & Yeast Cell

bouillon & stock cube
- meat products
- savory flavors 
- snack products
- sauces
- instant noodles (vermicelli, rice flour,etc)  
- biscuit
soy sauce
- oyster oil
- nutritional supplements and vegetarian food

Concerted Umami effects                
Salt reduction                       
MSG substitution                 
- Bakery flavours                     
- Precursors for flavours             
- Nutritional value                     
- Flavours for vegetarian food