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Bamboo Charcoal Stollen


It makes full use of the natural raw material of bamboo charcoal and integrates the idea of health; bamboo charcoal is made from natural bamboo by burning it under high temperature of t housand centigrade degrees and thenpulverizing it, which contains rich minerals such as calcium, potassium, ferrum, etc., and has the effect of purifying intestines and stomach as well as expelling toxin and beautifying.

Ingredients                                                            %                          kg.g
Bread Flour                                                          100                         1000
Sugar                                                                     15                          150
Angel Sugar-Tolerance  Instant Dry Yeast     1.5                           15
Egg                                                                         10                           100
Milk Powder                                                           4                            40
Bamboo Charcoal Powder                               1.2                          12
Salt                                                                         1.5                          15
Angel A800 Bread Improver                              0.5                          5
Fresh Milk                                                              40                          400
Bakerdream Margarine                                      10                          100

- Dough making:
After the wheat gluten is developed by 80%, add margarine, first stir it slowly and then quickly till the wheat gluten is fully developed.
- Dough temperature: 26-28℃
- Dividing the dough: 150g per portion, roll each dough into round shape, rest for 15 minutes.
Mould the dough into final shape: roll the dough and cover it with bacon and roll it up to become a cylinder shape, and then lay it on a dish.
- When fermenting is finished, bake the bread.
- Baking temperature: 180℃/190℃
- Baking time: 16 minutes