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Mungbean cookies

Ingredients                                                     %                           kg.g
Oil Crust
Bread Flour                                                     50                            244
Low gluten Flour                                            50                            244
Egg Yolk                                                          10                             49
Milk Powder                                                    20                             98
Bakerdream Margarine                                30                            146
Water                                                                                  Right amount
Bakery Shortening
Bakerdream Margarine                               100                           288
Low gluten Flour                                           150                         412 

- Oil Crust: Mix all the materials evenly till they do not stick to the vat and then pack them with a plastic bag for refrigeration.
- Bakery Shortening: After being sieved, the Low gluten flour is mixed with the margarine evenly to form into slices to be refrigerated for later use.
- Making the dough flaky: wrap up the bakery shortening with oil crust, then roll the dough and make three folds twice, roll it again to be 5MM, then roll the dough up for refrigeration.
- Dividing the dough: divide the dough into 25g per portion, roll it and wrap with 25g mungbean filling.
- Sweep egg liquid on the surface and then bake the bread.
- Baking temperature: 170℃/180℃
- Baking time: 16 minutes or so