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Brown Rice Stollen

Brown Rice Stollen


Ingredients                                                   %                             kg.g

Bread Flour                                                 100                          1000
BerrySugar                                                   6                              60
Angel Sugar-tolerance Fresh Yeast        5                               50
Milk Powder                                                 6                               60
Angel A800 Bread Improver                     1                               10
Salt                                                              2.2                             22
Water                                                           50                              500
Bakerdream Margarine                           10                             100
Cooked Brown Rice                                 40                             400

Dough making: stir the dough till the wheat gluten is fully developed, then add the cooked brown rice and stir it evenly at slow speed.
- Dividing the dough: rest for 5 minutes, divide the dough into 60g per portion, put the dough into the proffing box for fermentation.
- When the dough is fermented by 50%, brush egg liquid, stick a square sea weed on the bread, and cover a fireresistant cloth on the top of the bread, then lay another comal to carry out baking.
- Baking temperature: 220℃/200℃
- Baking time: 10 minutes