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Danish Croissant



Ingredients                                                        %                          kg.g
Bread Flour                                                       100                       1000
Angel Instant Dry Yeast (Sugar-tolerance)  2                           20
F99 Frozen Dough Improver                          1                           10
Sugar                                                                  8                           80
Salt                                                                      2                           20
Milk Powder                                                       3                           30
Egg                                                                    10                          100
Cold Water                                                       45                          450
Bakerdream Margarine                                  6                             60
Total                                                                                                 1743
Crispy Margarine                                            50                           500

- Mixing time: at low speed for 4 minutes and then at high speed for 6-8 minutes
- Dough temperature: 22-24℃
- Proffing period in the middle: 10 minutes
- The weight of the divided dough: 50-90g (according to need), mold the stirred dough into rectangle, refrigerate the dough for 1-2 hours and wrap with butter; then make three folds three times, each time when making the three folds, roll the dough to 1.5cm thick, and after each three folds, refrigerate the dough for 1 hour; finally, roll the dough till 0.2-0.3cm thick and divide the dough into portions of triangle shape with the size of bottom edge multiplied by height is equal to 12cm multiplied by 18cm, then roll the dough up.
- Final fermenting temperature: 30-33℃
- Instant freezing: put the dough into the priffing box to be fermented by 50%, then put the divided dough into an instant freezer, the temperature of the dough center is kept lower than 10℃within 30 minutes.
- Cryopreservation:  you can put the instant frozen dough into plastic bags and seal the bags, and preserve the dough at minus 18℃for later use.
- Defreezing: Room temperature defreezing method: put the dough under room temperature for defreezing, when the dough surface is a little wet or has just become dry, put the dough into the proffing box. After the freezing, the best temperature of the dough center is 15℃.
- Before baking, brush egg liquid on the surface.
- Baking temperature: 180℃
- Baking time: 18-20 minutes