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French Baguette/Roll

Characteristic: pleasant and slight sour taste, fragrant and crisp golden crust, this is just the simon-pure bread with original flavor.

Ingredients                                              %                    kg.g
Bread Flour                                             90                      900
Cake Flour                                              10                      100
Angel Instant Dry Yeast                        1.2                    12
Salt                                                            2                       20
LD-500 Bread Improver                        1                       10
backaldrin BAS-W                                  2                       20
Water                                                        60                     600
Total                                                         166.2               1662

- Mixing time: at slow speed for 4-5minutes,and at high speed for 7-10 minutes
- Dough temperature: 24-26℃
- Proffing period in the middle: 30-60 minutes
- Weight of the divided dough: 100-380g
- When the fermentation is finished, bake the fetmenutarn
- Baking temperature: 220℃, turning on the steam
- Baking time: 20-35minutes
1.French Baguette with Garlic Cheese, after it is baked and cooled, spread some natural soft butter, scatter some Pamerson cheese powder and bruised garlic bulb, and sprinkle grated French myrcia on it;
2.French baguette with raisin, take 200g dough to be added with 50-100g raisin, and then wrap it up with 100g French baguette dough to make it ready.