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The unique Doughnut premixing flour greatly reduces the oil absorption of the product, the textus is soft, the stuffing is sweet and rich, with decorations such as chocolate, jam, cinnamomum cassia sugar, almond, etc., there must be one of them suitable for you.

Ingredients                                                                %                            kg.g
Bread Flour                                                              100                          1000
Doughnut premixing Flour                                    10                            100
Angel Instant Dry Yeast (Sugar Tolerant)            2                              20
Sugar                                                                        10                            100
Salt                                                                            1.5                           15
Egg                                                                             20                            200
Water                                                                          33                           330
Bakerdream  Soybean Oil                                      8.3                           83
Total                                                                          184.8                      1848
Remark:  15g Doughnut spice can be added


- Mixing time: at low speed for 4-6minutes, at high speed for 8-10minutes
- Dough temperature: 24-26℃
- Proffing period in the middle: 10-15minutes
- Weight of divided dough: 40-50g
- When fermentation is finished, deepfry, the bread.
- Frying temperature: 170-175℃, when the oil temperature is over 180℃, it is harmful to human body.
- Frying time: 5-8 minutes