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Rye Bread with Raisin

Rye Bread with Raisin

Most representative product, traditional and massy in taste, added with fine quality raisin, it provides the potassium which the human body needs. Saw a slice to have a careful taste of it or eat it with butter, jam or cheese on it, both delicious

Ingredients                                                  %                          kg.g
Bread Flour                                                 80                          1600
BakerdreamWhole Wheat Flour             10                          200
Backaldrin Rye Flour                                10                           200
Backaldrin Rogana                                   1                             20
Angel Yeast                                                1.5                          30
LD-300 Bread Improver                           1                             20
Backaldrin     BAS-W                                 3                             60
Water                                                            65                         1300
Raisin (dipped in Rum)                           15                          300
Total                                                                                         3730    

- Mixing time: at low speed for 5 minutes, at high speed for 6-8 minutes
- Dough temperature: 26-28℃
- Proffing period in the middle: 40-60minutes
- Weight of divided dough: 500g
- Mould the dough into strip shape or round shape and then put the dough into a cane basket and proff for 40 minutes, then invert the cane basket on the bakeware, and proff again. When the fermentation is finished, slightly draw on the bread with a knife and then bake the bread.
- Baking temperature: 240℃, turning on the steam, the temperature of the furnace falls to 210℃five minutes later.
- Baking time: 35-40 minutes