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Puff Pastry

Puff Pastry

Ingredients                              %                         kg.g

Bread Flour                            100                       1000

BerrySugar                              3                           30

Whole Egg                              7                           70

White Vinegar                         2                           20

Water                                        50                         500

Bakerdream Magarine          10                        100

Total                                        172                       1720

Bakedream Crispy Margarine                           800


Mixing time: at low speed for

5minutes, and at high speed for 5minutes;

Dough temperature: 22-24℃

Refrigerating and resting time: 60 minutes

Weight of divided dough: according to need Wrap with the Bakerdream crispy oil in French way in the dough that is refrigerated and rested, make three folds twice, four folds twice, and finally roll the dough till 0.3-0.4cm thick. Then cut the dough out into squares of 10cm multiplied by 10cm and make them into the products as shown in Photo I; cut the dough into round shapes using 6cm and 3cm round models and make them into the products as shown in Photo II.

Baking temperature: 210℃/200℃

Baking time: 20minutes

After the breads are cooled, squeeze cheese in the middle and spread fruit brushing agent on them. Wrapping up the cheese stuffing and fruit, the pastry tastes flaky, crisp, loose and ice-cold, thus it is as exquisite as a trio in music.