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Yellow Peach Pie

Yellow Peach Pie

The creation comes from the characteristic food-fruit filling roll in Austria, which wraps with the cheese and yellow peach; the peculiar aggregation makes you enjoy sour and sweet taste in heart

Ingredients                                             %                         kg.g
Bread Flour                                             100                     1000
BerrySugar                                               3                         30
Whole Egg                                               7                          70
White Vinegar                                         2                           20
Water                                                        50                        500
Bakerdream Margarine                        10                        100
Total                                                         172                      1720
Crispy Margarine                                                                800

- Mixing time: at low speed for 5 minutes and at high speed for 5 minutes;
- Dough temperature: 22-24℃
- Refrigerating and resting time: 60minutes
- Weight of divided dough: according to need  Wrap with the Bakerdream crispy oil in French way in the dough that is refrigerated and rested, make three folds twice, four folds twice, and finally roll the dough out till 0.3-0.4cm thick. Then cut it into the size with the length of 30cm and the width of 12cm, squeeze Bakerdream instant cheese filling in the middle and lay yellow peach granules evenly on the filling, then double up from the two sides towards the middle,cut the dough evenly into 6 portions, make two even cuts with scissors on the surface, brush egg water on the surface, then sprinkle Bakerdream baking-tolerance berry sugar for decoration.

- Baking temperature: 210℃/200℃
- Baking time: 20-25 minutes