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New Zealand Bread

New Zealand Bread

The soft bread accompanied by the smoothness, fragrance and sweetness of cheese receives continuous praise from people.

Ingredients                                                            %                           kg.g

Sponge :                  
Bread Flour                                                           50                          500
Angel Instant Dry Yeast                                      0.5                           5
Pure Milk (Normal Temperature)                      30                          300
Main Dough:
Sponge Dough                                                     80.5                        805
BerrySugar                                                            15                           150
Salt                                                                         1.6                          16
Egg                                                                         15                           150
Ice Water                                                               10                           100
Bread Flour                                                           50                          500
Angel Instant Dry Yeast                                      0.5                           5
Angel A800 Bread Improver                              0.5                           5
Bakerdream  Margarine                                    15                          150
Total                                                                      188.1                        1881

Instant Custard Powder               

- Dough making:
After being fermented for 2-4 hours, mix the sponge dough with all the materials of the dough
Dough temperature: 26-28℃
Proffing period in the middle: 30 minutes
Weight of the divided dough: 65g
- Custard cream making: Prepare 1000g cold water or cold milk, add 300g Instant Custard Powder, then stir until smooth.
- Roll the dough into ring shape, put it in a high temperature paper cup for proffing, and after the proffing, squeeze Custard cream in the sunken center and scatter some apricot slices on the surface, then bake the dough, after it is cooled, sprinkle dampproof sugar powder onside for decoration.
- Baking temperature: 180℃
- Baking time: 15-20 minutes