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Yeast Vitamin B Complex

【MATERIALS】Yeast, Folic Acid, VB12


Serving Size 1 Tablet

Amount Per Tablet

Thiamin                                         5.5mg

Riboflavin                                      5.5mg

Vitamin B6                                     5.5mg

Niacin                                             20mg

Pantothenic acid                           20mg

Folic acid                                        1mg

Vitamin B12                                      5µg

FUNCTIONVitamin B supplement

SPECIFICATION90 tablets per bottle, 0.6 gram per tablet.

SUGGESTED USETake 1 tablet daily with a glass of water.

【SHELF LIFE】24 Months

This product can't take the place of  medicine.

Keep in a cool, dry place, tightly closed.