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Cellulase enzyme was derived through fermentation, extraction and refinement from Trichoderma species. It is mainly used to degrade cellulose in fibers to create simple sugars. It is capable of breaking down cellulose and fibers into simple sugar units, resulting in greater utilization of raw ingredients.







Physical Appearance

Light yellow powder

Brown liquid

*Activity(Solid: U/g; Liquid: U/ml)


Effective Temperature


Optimum Temperature


Effective pH


Optimum pH



*Activity : One activity unit of cellulase is the amount of enzyme, which liberates 1 mg of reducing sugar from carboxymethyl cellulose sodium solution in 1 hour at 50℃ and pH4.8.


  1. Eliminate anti-nutritional effects of soluble xylan in animal feedstuff, decrease chyme viscosity.
  2. Break down cell wall of cereal to improve nutrient release and digestibility.
  3. Improve animal uniformity and performance.
  4. Increase cereal by-product utilization and reduce the cost of feedstuff.
  5. Reduce environmental pollution by increasing the absorption of nutrient.


  1. Fabric and Textiles: Fabrics treated with cellulase show significant signs of improvement in terms of finish, sheen, flexibility, air-permeability, insulation, and softness. The cellulase process also causes fabric to develop permanent resistance to lint, fuzz and pill buildups and ease further treatments and dye processes. The use of cellulase versus traditional stone washing of jean wear is more time efficient yet reduces tears and flaws, ensuring more consistent and reliable results. Amount of cellulase required is 0.5-2.0% of the weight of the fabric, with a processing time of 40-80 minutes.
    1. Breweries and Wineries: Cellulase breaks down plant cell walls and membranes, boosts the release of starch, and in turn, release of alcohol.
    2. Animal Feed: As an additive to animal feed, cellulase can enhance the digestibility of animal feed, and it is also beneficial to protein digestion and absorption. By adding cellulase into animal feed, animals will show significant signs of increase in weight, milk and egg production, greater ability to adapt to different environments, and a better immune system. When used in food, Chinese medicine, etc., the effectiveness, absorption, and nutritional effects tend to yield better results than those without the enzyme addition.


Recommended dosage is 200g ofmannanase(10000U/g) per ton of complete feed. The product should be well mixed with feedstuff.


Solid: sealed in plastic inner bag, with a fabric outer bag, net weight 20kg/bag

Liquid: sealed in plastic bucket, net weight 25kg/bucket


Transport and store in cool dry place and avoid direct exposure to sunlight or moisture. Stored below 15℃in original sealed package, activity of solid enzyme remain stable for a period of up to 12 months, and activity of liquid enzyme remain stable for a period of up to 6 months.


The enzyme preparation may irritate the skin and eyes. The dust may cause sensitization when inhaled. Please take precautions to avoid direct contact with the product. Rinsing thoroughly with copious amount of water in case of contacted with the skin or eyes, Seek medical advice if lung irritation occurs.