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Chinese alcohol

 Chinese Alcohol

Thermae-tolerant Alcoholic  Active Dry Yeast
It is suitable for starch bearing (corn, potato) and sugar
 bearing raw materials (sugar, molasses) alcohol and 
distilled liquor fermentation. 

Angel  Leaven for sugar fermentation
It is suitable for production of wine and alcohol from 
sucrose, glucose, molasses, as raw materials. It 
features tolerance with high temperatures, low 
fermentation residual sugar content, and short 
fermentation period. It can increase the rate of 
alcohol production  and raw material utilization. 

Yeast Mannose Protein
This product is refined from wine yeast, with the 
function of special enzymes, through modern 
biological technology. It is applied in wine to 
increase the content of mannose protein and to 
improve the wine's structure and texture, and 
hence effectively improve the quality of the wine.



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Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) is a well-known contaminant found in some wines that have so-called reductive off-odors. H2S, described as ‘rotten egg-like aroma’, brings the biggest trouble to wine maker.

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