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Angel Bouillon Cube or Powder

This product has many flavor of Chicken/Beef/Shrimp/Fish/Vegetable; which based on Yeast Extract;

It is delicious & nutritious, and it is the best choice for a variety of dishes.

Cube Packing: 10g*60*24;4g*25*80, 4g*50*40,4g*100*20


Powder Packing:100g*100,: 1kg * 10


Granular Packing: 100g*100,: 200g*40, 450g*20, 1kg *10


Demo held in Nigeria promoted new product of Angel

On April 10,2018, Bakery International Division held a sensational bakery demo jointly with Angel Distributor of Nigeria and local Bakery Association in Eastern City Aigur of Negeria. At this demo, it has successfully promoted the new high sugar yeast.

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