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Instant Custard Powder

It is a premium instant custard powder used in bread, wasten pastry, filling and decoration of Chinese cooking products.

1. it is simple and convenient to make, saving time and without heating.
2. The finished product is soft and crystal with smooth taste.
3. It is tolerant to baking and freezing.
4. With natural pigments, free of artificial synthetic pigment, the product is more healthy.

Application: it is used in cream puffs, egg tarts, stuffing of sweet bread and yellow milk steamed stuffed buns.
Usage: prepare 1000g cold water or cold milk, add 300g Instant Custard Powder, then stir until smooth. To get the best results, first add the product to cold water or cold milk and slowly stir, then put it aside for 5-10 minutes, and then quickly stir until smooth. To get a better taste, add appropriate amount of oil or various condensed milk jams, concentrated sesame oil, which will make a wide varieties.
Packing: 5kg/bag, 1kg/bagx20/box


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