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Application of Yeast Extract in Pet Food Attractant

Pets have become one of the indispensable members of more and more families, so the market size of pet food is getting wider. In 2023, year-end sales of pet food worldwide were forecast to reach 133.9 billion U.S. dollars. This would be an increase of almost 40 billion dollars since 2019.

Palatability is all that matters in determining the success or failure of a pet food in the market. There has been a significant amount of product development research applied to this notion of improving pet food palatability. It’s as much a competitive issue as a need for the animal to like the food.

Pet food attractants can repair and remove the unpleasant odor of pet food, making it a delicious dish for pets and highlighting the different flavors of pet food. High-quality pet flavor agent has no side effects on pets, and only has a significant effect on the palatability of pet food, pet appetite and feed intake.

What is Maillard reaction

Maillard reaction is an important source of flavor and color in pet food processing, especially in the production of condiments. Maillard reaction is a very complex chemical process, and its reaction course, the properties and structure of the reaction products are affected by the types and properties of amino acids and sugars, and are related to the water, pH value, reaction temperature and time, metal ions and so on. Therefore, controlling the raw materials and reaction time of the Maillard reaction can produce different fragrances.

Advantages of YE

With the increasing demand for natural, nutritious, and healthy flavorings in the pet food industry, Yeast Extract(YE) is becoming increasingly popular in the market. Yeast derived products impart flavor to pet food, bringing out salty, sweet, and other flavors, making the taste more long-lasting.

Angel YE is a natural seasoning ingredient made from specialized edible bread yeast, which is refined by natural enzymatic hydrolysis of yeast cells. Its main components include peptides, amino acids, flavor nucleotides, B vitamins, and trace elements. YE has a taste similar to broth, and has a unique umami taste, which is a pleasant taste with a full mouthfeel and a long aftertaste that stimulates saliva production and activates the pleasure areas of the brain. Therefore, YE can increase the nutrition of food, strengthen the flavor performance of food, cover up some odors in food, with health and natural, coordinated taste, delicious and mellow, high temperature resistance and other advantages, is also the ideal choice for the pursuit of clean label.

Why add YE to the Maillard reaction

The reason why YE has a significant seasoning effect is closely related to its ingredients. YE is rich in IMP and GMP, which mainly contribute to kokumi and umami, and free amino acids can also bring sweetness in addition to kokumi and umami. In addition, YE also contains aromatic substances and peptide compounds, different from umami-based monosodium glutamate and flavor nucleotides, they can give pet food more intense flavor, so that the overall flavor of pet food is more coordinated.

Figure 1. Sensory evaluations of yeast extract pastes with basic and characteristic meaty flavour

*LA,LB,TP,TB,TC means different types of YE. YE is rich in peptides, only proteins with the size of peptide molecules within 1000Da can occur Maillard reaction. More than 90% of the proteins in yeast extract are within 1000Da, and almost all of them can participate in the Maillard reaction.

YE is rich in peptides, only proteins with the size of peptide molecules within 1000Da can occur Maillard reaction. More than 90% of the proteins in yeast extract are within 1000Da, and almost all of them can participate in the Maillard reaction. Under high temperature conditions, nucleotides in yeast will degrade to form ribosomes, which participate in the Maillard reaction to produce different forms of sulfides, thus contributing to the formation of meat flavor. Proteins will intensify degradation to produce small peptides, amino acids and other nitrogen-containing substances, and amino acids will further decarboxylated and deammoniated to produce amines, alcohols, aldehydes and other compounds.

How to use

When using YE in Maillard reaction, its temperature needs to be maintained at 95-105 °C.

Published by Fang Bijun
Engineer of Animal Nutrition Division

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