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Application of yeast selenium in improving meat quality

Selenium is an essential trace element for animal growth, metabolism and reproduction, and plays an important role in the body's anti-oxidation, anti-stress, and immunity enhancement. Feed selenium preparations include inorganic selenium and organic selenium. Current animal feeds generally use inorganic sodium selenite as a selenium source, which is not only highly toxic, difficult to control the dosage, but also has low bioavailability, which will pollute the environment. As an organic selenium, yeast selenium not only has lower toxicity and higher bioavailability, but also has certain functionalities, including improving meat quality, increasing fertility and immunity.

Yeast selenium is a kind of organic selenium prepared by adding an appropriate amount of inorganic selenium during the yeast fermentation process and using the enrichment effect of yeast on selenium. It is essentially different from some selenium preparations prepared by chelating inorganic selenium and small peptides or amino acids.

Organic selenium in yeast selenium includes selenomethionine, selenocystine, CH3SeH (methylselenate), selenoproteins and other selenides. Among them, selenomethionine accounted for the highest proportion, followed by selenocystine.

It is generally believed that the "intracellular selenium" in yeast cells is organic selenium, and FDA has approved the detection method of intracellular selenium as organic selenium for imported yeast selenium products. The detection principle is as follows: after the yeast selenium is hydrolyzed with acid, the total selenium content of yeast selenium is determined by atomic fluorescence method, and the extracellular water-soluble inorganic selenium of yeast is subtracted, and the obtained intracellular selenium of yeast is organic selenium.

Angel Yeast Co., Ltd. cooperated with the French National Testing Center to detect methionine selenium and cysteine selenium in yeast selenium produced by Angel by plasma mass spectrometry. The content of the two kinds of organic selenium accounted for more than 80% of the total selenium content, and no inorganic selenium of +4 or +6 was found in yeast selenium. Compared with similar products in the world, the quality of yeast selenium products has reached the international leading level.

In foreign countries, especially in developed countries, yeast selenium has been used in pig feed for many years. Yeast selenium plays an important role in improving the reproductive performance of pigs, preventing selenium deficiency in piglets, improving the meat quality of finishing pigs and producing selenium-enriched meat. With the improvement of people's living standards, consumers not only need more lean pork, but also pay more attention to the quality of meat. The study found that the addition of yeast selenium to the diet of finishing pigs has a good effect on improving the meat quality and meat color of commercial pigs.

Recently, Angel yeast and Sichuan Agricultural University to carry out experimental research found the effect of different selenium sources (0.3 ppm) on the quality of pork are different, the yeast selenium group could reduce the drip loss of meat quality by 12.6% compared with the inorganic selenium group. Compared with the inorganic selenium group and the selenomethionine group, the yeast selenium group could significantly improve the meat aroma, tenderness and juiciness scores. Experiments show that yeast selenium can reduce drip loss to a certain extent, and can improve meat aroma, tenderness and juiciness.

Data from the Institute of Animal Nutrition, Sichuan Agricultural University

In a word, yeast selenium has a significant effect on meat quality and meat color because of its special antioxidant effect. Taking YeaSel (2000 ppm) as an example, the recommended dosage usually is about 100~150g/t, adding yeast selenium to feed can improve the quality of meat products, improve reproductive performance, and relieve animal stress.

Published by Dong Yi
Engineer of Animal Nutrition Division

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