How to choose high-quality yeast cell wall products

Jun 1, 2021

By Xie Zhiwen

The yeast cell wall is a functional green feed additive derived from yeast. The main efficient ingredients are β-glucan and mannan, which can increase the host immunity, improve animal performance, alleviate stress, bind mycotoxins, block pathogens, and anti-tumor. However, the quality of the commercially available yeast cell wall products is quite different, which brings a lot of confusion to the user's choice.

Early studies have found that the biological functions of yeast cell wall polysaccharides are closely related to their structure. The molecular weight is an important factor affecting the biological activities of β-1,3-glucan in anti-tumor and immune regulation. Polysaccharides with a weight average molecular weight of 100-200kDa have strong biological activity (Kraus et.,1992). Glucans with a molecular weight greater than 90k Da can form a unique and highly ordered triple helix structure. Conducive to binding with receptors and producing biological effects, which is essential for immune function (Ohno et al., 1986; Saito et al., 1991). If the triple-helix structure is changed with a solution of a high concentration of sodium hydroxide, the immunological activity will be significantly reduced (Falch et al., 2000). In addition, the triple helix structure of yeast glucan facilitates the adsorption of mycotoxins by the glucan through intermolecular forces such as hydrogen bonds and van der Waals forces.

YeaMos_画板 1.jpg

1 YeaMOS focus on functional molecular fragments

The molecular weight of glucan in the common yeast cell wall products currently on the market is greater than 200k Da, and the water solubility is poor, which seriously affects the function of the yeast cell wall and its application in various animals breeding fields. Angel has concentrated on the research of deep processing technology of yeast cell wall polysaccharides for many yeasts. Through the optimization and regulation of yeast cell wall production process and specific exogenous enzyme-catalyzed hydrolysis, the molecular weight of yeast cell wall polysaccharides is degraded to 90-200kDa, and successfully developed A yeast cell wall product with higher immune function and pathogen adsorption -YeaMOS.

Table 1 Focus on functional molecular fragments (typical analysis)

MWD (10kDa)





Normal YCW










2. Adsorption of pathogenic bacteria, and yeast prebiotics, optimize the intestinal environment

YeaMOS is a natural component derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. The main efficient ingredients are β-glucan and mannan, which can competitively bind to the pathogen and prevent the pathogen adhesion.


Fig2 YeaMOS can bind E. coli and Salmonella

3. Improve immune function, prevent disease and reduce antibiotic usage

Adding YeaMOS to the chicken diet can increase final ND antibody titer compared with control group, indicating that YeaMOS can enhance animal Specific and non-specific immunity (Fig.3).


Fig 3 YeaMOS could Improve immune function and prevent disease

Note:360 of 52-week-old Hailan gray layer hens were selected and randomly divided into 2 treatments, each treatment group had 6 repetitions, and each repetition 30. The experimental group was fed with YeaMOS and the control group was fed with ordinary yeast cell wall. Newcastle disease immunization was performed at the beginning of the experiment, and blood was collected for antibody detection every 7 days.

4. Specific absorption of mycotoxin, reduce toxin harm

The special double helix spatial structure of YeaMOS can provide multiple toxin binding sites to adsorb macromolecular toxins such as zearalenone and form a stable polysaccharide-toxin complex.


5. Improve production performance

YeaMOS can improve the production performance of broilers and layers


Fig4. YeaMOS can improve production performance of broilers

Note: 1d Cobb broiler, the experiment lasted for 42 days. The basic diet formula was formulated according to the nutritional requirements based on the corn-soybean meal.(Guan XJ et al.,2020)


Fig5. YeaMOS can improve production performance of laying hens

Note: There were 14,670 laying hens (68 weeks of age) in Jingfen No.6, which were divided into 2 treatment groups. The control group was fed the basal diet, and the experimental group was fed the basal diet +500g/t YeaMOS. The experiment lasted for 4 weeks.

6 Conclusion

YeaMOS is a natural component derived from Saccharomyces cerevisiae and directionally enzymatic hydrolyzed into 90 ~ 200 kDa deep processed products by means of production process control and specific exogenous enzyme catalysis. It can adsorb pathogenic bacteria, activate immunity, and bind toxins more efficiently for animals. It's a good choice for users.

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