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Vinasse-Angel condensed molasses fermentation soluble products for ruminants

Recently, there has been increasing attention given to by-products of the food industry resulting in their use as them as alternative feeds for ruminants due to enhanced environmental concerns and higher feed cost concerns. Some by-products can be processed with fermentation to improve the quality, which increases their positive effects on animals. With the increase of feed cost, particularly for soybean meal, there is an irresistible trend to make full use of by-products, and the application of unconventional feed resources with high crude protein (CP) concentration and yield as alternative feeds of dairy cows is attracting increasing attention.

Molasses, commonly used as a feed additive, can improve the production performance and rumen health of dairy cows. Condensed molasses fermentation solubles (CMS) is made by microbial fermentation with sugarcane molasses as raw material. Thus, compared to common molasses, CMS is an effective feed resource with high nutritional value and economic benefits. Previous studies have found that CMS could improve production performance with economic benefits for animals. Vinasse as a kind of CMS product, is obtained by drying the waste yeast produced during the food yeast production process which is mainly composed of Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells and yeast metabolites. Depending on drying or not, it could be in form of liquid or powdery.

Vinasse is rich in protein, amino acids, organic acids, vitamins, minerals, biochemical fulvic acid, and unknown growth factors synthesized by microorganisms in the fermentation process. Table 1 showed a typical analysis for liquid vinasse products.

Table 1 Typical analysis for Vinasse-Liquid

Efficacy of Vinasse for ruminants:

  • Replace some concentrate feed or molasses, decrease the feed cost ;

  • Increase feed intake;

  • Improve the rumen fermentation, increase digestibility;

  • Some ingredients such as amino acid, nucleic acid, vitamins, beta-glucan, betaine et al have specially functions to enhance the health of animals;

  • Improve growth performance, increase milk yield for dairy cow as well as weight gain for beef cattle.

Application for Dairy cow:

Some report showed that 1% and 3% Vinasse in dairy cows TMR can improve the performance, improve the digestibility of OM and CP, improve economic benefits, and promote the synthesis of MCP in the rumen (p<0.05).

Note: 60 Holstein cows, with similar parity (2-3 parities), lasted 116±25 days in lactation and 29.1±2.2kg milk yield. The cows were pre-fed for 14 days and formally fed for 54 days.

Meanwhile, some customer feedback that lw protein level TMR added 0.8~1kg/h.d Vinasse Liquid, can improve milk yield, promote digestion, input-output ratio of about 1:4~5.

Note: 550 Holstein cows, with similar parity (2-3 parities). The cows were pre-fed for 5 days and formally fed for 28 days.

Application for Beef cattle:

5% vinasse in the diet of growing calves have positive effects on supply of N, modify body composition and produce leaner meat. No negative effects of inclusion 5% vinasse on feed intake, ADG, FCR, carcase characteristic and nutrient digestibility.

Note: Twenty-four Holstein male calves (average initial age 8.5 months, initial body weight 320 ± 48 kg.

So, vinasse is one such resources with a higher content of CP and some other helpful components such as betaine and yeast metabolites, and it is possible to use vinasse to replace part of the concentrates in the diet of dairy cows and beef cattle.


Published by Gong Fayuan

Senior Engineer of Animal Nutrition Division

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