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How does YeaVita R improve production performance in ruminants?

August 27th, 2020

By Xiangqian Xiao

The strain of YeaVita R is selected according to the internal environment and production performance in ruminant. The functions of live yeast can be brought out the best because of the adaptability of YeaVita R in rumen environment. Generally, there are three ways for YeaVita R to regulate rumen health and improve production performance as below.

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1. Effect of YeaVita R on pH and lactic acid concentration in rumen

The stability of pH is generally related to the concentration of lactic acid in rumen. The results of researches showed that a large amount of starch in high concentrate diet was fermented and utilized by bacteria in rumen. The large amount of organic acids produced would lead to the decrease of rumen pH. So low pH would inhibit the growth of rumen cellulolytic bacteria.

The growth of lactic acid utilizing bacteria were stimulated by YeaVita R, then the proliferation of lactic acid producing bacteria was inhibited. The decrease of lactic acid concentration avoids the inhibition of high acidity on the growth of rumen microorganisms. Therefore, the regulation of rumen function by YeaVita R prevented the occurrence of rumen acidosis.

2. Effect of YeaVita R on the total number of bacteria in rumen

The activity of cellulolytic bacteria is the main factor to promote the digestion of fiber in rumen. When pH ≥ 6. 0, most of the energy of fiber will be absorbed by these microorganisms. When pH is less than 6. 0, the growth of cellulolytic bacteria will be inhibited.

However, YeaVita R increases pH by promoting the growth of lactic acid utilizing bacteria in the rumen. Therefore, the co-fermentation of cellulolytic bacteria and lactic acid utilizing bacteria kept a balance of rumen pH. In this way, the digestibility of fiber improved and the yield of volatile fatty acids (VFA) increased.

3. Effect of YeaVita R on microbial protein in rumen

YeaVita R increases microbial protein production by increasing the number of rumen microorganisms, which induces the increasing of the available amino acids in intestinal tract, the improving of protein deposition and production performance.

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Therefore, YeaVita R adapts to the rumen environment, improves the rumen environment, and prevents acidosis and rumen flatulence. Finally, it promotes the digestion and absorption of nutrients, so as to improve the production performance of ruminants.


Published by Xiangqian Xiao

Marketing Manager of Animal Nutrition Division

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