Angel Yeast beta-glucan can enhance the immune function in dairy products

May 27th,2020

by Jimmy Fu

As the most common food in people's daily life, dairy products are nutritious and rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. As a new type of functional food ingredients and due to the remarkable immune enhancing property, yeast beta-glucan is also used widely in functional foods and health products. A study showed that dairy products adding yeast beta-glucan (provided by Angel Yeast Co., Ltd.) can significantly improve the immune function of dairy products [1].

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In this study, healthy mice were selected and divided into 4 dosage groups and fed dairy with different concentrations of yeast beta-glucan. The concentrations of yeast beta-glucan were 0, 8.0, 17.0, and 50.0g/L, and the dosage in mice was 10ml/kg, once a day. After continuous feed for 1 month, various indexes of immune enhancement function were measured.

Results and conclusion

(1) Cellular immune function

The detection of lymphocyte activity in different groups of mice showed that the 50g/L group was significantly higher than those in the 0g/L group.

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(2) Humoral immune function.

The results showed that the antibody production in the 17g/L and 50g/L groups was significantly higher than those in the 0g/L group.

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(3) NK cell activity.

The results of NK cell activity measurement showed that the NK cell activity in the 50.0g/L group was significantly higher than those in the 0g/L group.

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The study confirmed that yeast beta-glucan can significantly enhance the immune function in dairy products. This study laid the theoretical foundation for yeast beta-glucan to be widely used in dairy products. As people continue to pay attention to immune function, it is believed that yeast beta-glucan will continue to be applied to more foods in the near future.


[1] Ji Guozhi, Qian Wentao, et al. Study of enhancing immune function on yeast β-glucan milk. China Dairy Industry, 2011,39(7), 22-24,28.

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