Application of“FUBON”bio-organic fertilizer on peanuts in Beihai, Guangxi province

Performance location: Sanhekou, Beihai, Guangxi Province

Performance farmer: Kangwei Chen
Performance area: 0.73ha
Application method: Apply 30 bags of “FUBON”granular fertilizer, 30 bags of “FUBON”fertilizer with cigarette, 187. 5kg phosphatic fertilizer and 375kg high potassium compound fertilizer and flushing 37. 5kg high potassium major elements fertilizer every 10 days at the fruiting time.
Application result: Completely filled fruit, high yield, branch will not grow abruptly.

The branches are exuberant.(as high as the bottle)

The roots are strong and the appearance of the peanuts are even.

The soil is fine as where earthworms can survive.

The high quality peanuts are completely filled.

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