Be rich by planting green plum

Crop introduction

Green plum, a genus of dipterocarpaceae, belonging to macrophanerophytes, with the characteristics of thick and crisp pulp, high acidity and quality, richness in nutrients, high medicinal value, apart from being edible, it can be processed into preserved fruit, medicinal materials and health care products, etc. It has many functions such as detoxification, dispelling freckles, balancing weights, Lowering lipid and blood pressure, clear the liver and brighten the eyes, resolving liquor etc.

Applying "Fubon"

The key fertilizer-receiving nodes of the green plum fruit tree were in the three periods of flowering, small flowering and post-harvesting, and the pre-flowering fertilizer accounted for 2/3 of the annual fertilization amount. Lao Shen said that at the end of December, applying 10 kg of 5% “Fubon” powdered organic fertilizer could effectively promote root germination and spring shoot germination, and provide sufficient nutrients for the vegetative growth and reproductive growth of the later tree to enhance cold resistance, prevent the yellowing of leaves and the phenomenon of falling flowers and fruits caused by shortage of nutrients.

Next, let us walk into the plantation of Lao shen and appreciate the vitality of green plum

Little Tips:

“Fubon” organic fertilizer (powder type) is rich in organic matter and various microelements. Among them, yeast fermented protein, small-distributed organic matter and other special substances can rapidly cultivate the growth of beneficial bacteria in the soil, promote the growth of crop roots and improve the quality of agricultural products. .

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