The application of “FUBON”bio-organic fertilizer with cigarette on ponkans in Changtai, Fujian province.

Application location: Tiantou, Guiqian village, Yanxi town, Changtai, Fujian province.
Performance Farmer: Zhenxing Ye
Performance area: 260 trees.
Application crops: 4 years old ponkan trees.
Problems, performance method and result: Last year, in Guiqian village, Yanxi town, Changtai, Fujian province, 260 ponkan trees planted by Zhenxing Ye grew rapidly and began fruiting, planned to trying production(15-25kg per tree estimated), on the time of 15th September, 2016, the 14th super typhoon “meranti”landed in Xiamen, the trees were uprooted and seriously lodging, the orchard was a mess, as consequence of the direct economic loss of about 40000 yuan, the confidence of investing was badly influenced and Zhenxing Ye was going to give them up. Through the technically diagnosis and guidance from technicians, the trees were strengthened, cut and replanted, after the Chinese New Year of 2017, Zhenxing Ye regained confidence.

Zhenxing Ye’s “FUBON” performance orchard

“FUBON”Fujian group was diagnosing and guiding the recovering.

Tiantou, Guiqian village, Yanxi town, Changtai, Fujian province was launching formulated fertilization with soil test.

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