The application of the FUBON bio-organic fertilizer in Corns

By Shown Wei

Sep 29th, 2018

Application time: June, 2018

Application location: Yizhou District, Hengshui, Hebei province

Application crop: corns

Application product: “FUBON” bio-organic fertilizer with tobacco and compound fertilizer

Application result:

1. The growth during sprouting period was excellent, as well as the draught tolerance.

2. In the case of high temperature and draught, it can control the reduction of output with the application of bio-organic fertilizer with tobacco.

3. The roots are strong.

4. It can loosen the soil and prevent diseases.

Feedback of the farmer: Because of the draught, the reduction of output was about 2250kg/ha for most farms, but the reduction of output of farms applied with bio-organic fertilizer with tobacco was not more than 300kg/ha.

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