Application of YE in fish sauce

Fish sauce is a kind of ferment liquid seasoning that made from fish,it use of proteases and other enzymes contained in fish to degrade the proteins and fats of fish, a variety of microorganisms also play an important role during the process.
Fish sauce is mainly produced in Vietnam, Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries.
Fish sauce is generally has three categories: pure fish sauce (use fresh fish to add salt to ferment), hydrolyzed fish sauce (often use acid to hydrolysis fish) and blended fish sauce ( pure fermented fish sauce or hydrolyzed fish sauce as the raw material added flavoring and other ingredients).
Vietnamese fish sauce annual production is about 30 million tons, more than 200 manufacturers, mainly supply to local consumers, but also a certain amount of exports of South Korea, Thailand and the United States.
Defect of original fish sauce
1、Pure fish sauce shortage of Umami taste, need to enhance the Umami taste; blended fish sauce use large amounts of MSG and I + G, the Umami taste is not natural.
2、Salt content is high,strong salty taste,it need to reduce salt content.
3、Taste is thin,short of long lasting taste.
4、Fresh, salty, sweet, sour and other taste combine not well, need to make all kinds of taste more harmonious and natural.
The effect to add YE in fish sauce
1、Umami taste enhancing.
Yeast extract rich in glutamic acid, 5'-nucleotides and Umami component peptides, etc., it can enhance the Umami taste well of fish sauce
2、Enhance mellow taste,to make better long lasting after taste.
Yeast extract rich in small flavor peptides, use YE can improve the plump taste and long lasting taste.
3、Balance overall taste
Yeast extract can make various tastes more harmonious.
YE application characteristics
1、It does not affect the original flavor of fish sauce
The recommend YE is weak of yeasty note, dosage is small, does not affect the unique aroma of fish sauce.
2、Does not affect fish sauce clarification 
Recommended products with good acid and salt resistance, can be completely dissolved in the fish sauce, and maintain long-term clarification, does not affect fish sauce clarification
3、Long lasting taste performance
Yeast extract is rich in flavor substances, and can resist high salt conditions and remain lasting flavor characteristics and application effect during shelf life.
4、Natural and safe
Y E is 3-MPCD free,it is safe to use in fish sauce.
5、 Clean label
Yeast extracts is natural food ingredients, it is not food additives, it can help achieve "no MSG", "no additives" and clean label.
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