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Five characteristics of Yeast Extract

By George Zhang

As a new natural Umami enhangcing product, yeast extract is changing people's taste experience world wide, as people focus on food safety and the pursuit of food nutrition, yeast extract is more closely linked with people in dayly life. With YE widely used in food industry, and its variety of superior performance for the vast number of consumers recognized and accepted. Angel Yeast Co., rooted in China as a leading global supplier of YE, it dedacated to push YE in Chinese market and Asia-Pacific market, (Angel Yeast has a profound understanding to the fuctions of YE),It summarized five main functions of YE to guide downstream users in the use YE in proper way in different applications.

Sodium reduction and Sugar reduction

High ssodium content cause health problems, sodium reduction becaome a development trend. According to statistics, there are more than 700 million people worldwide died each year from diseases caused by high blood pressure. The excess sodium (salt) intake cause high blood pressure is an important incentive, to reduce the sodium content in food become the common concern of consumers and health sector.
Scientists of UK Department of Health found that salt intaking(sodium chloride) down to 6 grams per day, can reduce the risk with 17% of suffering from high blood pressure. To this end, Europe and other developed countries have repeatedly launched "Reducing salt movement," according to the US Food Safety News Network News, the FDA will soon introduce a voluntary industry program of salt reduction, more well-known food companies such as Unilever, Wal-Mart, ConAgra, have already responded to the salt reduction campaign and guarantee products to reduce salt content.

Scientists found that some of the important sources of YE peptide component of Kokumi. These ingredients can taste in the body to feel the effects of sodium ions enlarged(These ingredients can enlarge the taste effects of sodium to the tongue ),therefore, although the salt (sodium chloride) content has been reduced, but the human perception of taste and not reduced. Because of this fantastic features YE, and the world has set off a storm reducing salt, to weak the threat to human health.

Same to salt, high sugar intaking also bring many health problems. The World Health Organization has noted this issue, and launched No.2002 recommendation - to reduce carbohydrate calorie intake from 10% to 5%. Some countries are now up to 18% of intaking, food industry are aware of these risks . Some large FMCG companies, such as Nestle, Unilever,have taken an important step to reduce the sugar content in their products.

Based on the same principle, the same effect also exists for the use of sugar in food,YE can guarantee food at moderate sweetness of sugar to reduce the amount of the sugar. Therefore, YE in sweet food applications are becoming more and more common.

MSG Substitution

As a flavor agent appears earlier,MSG has been swept the world, but with further research, the scientists found that excessive intake of MSG will have adverse effects on human health, cause people to start looking for new Umami substances to replace MSG. As a natural Umami saouce of microbial origin, YE developing with particularly rapid momentum in the world in the lastest 20 years.

In 2015, Angel launched a series UMAMI YE products, such as high nucleic acids content YE product, compared to common low salt YE, these products itself rich in amino acids, peptides and other substances with strong Umami taste,when use in food,it can provide a strong Umami penetration and impact to oral taste cells . These new products will replace MSG and become mainstream of new Umami souce products in the market in future. At the same time more food products have a higher demand for these new Umami saouce YE. Such as "low salt" sauce ",food additive free" soy sauce, vinegar and so on.

Pure&Clean taste

Mail Umami substances currently on the market are YE, HVP, MSG, I + G, and disodium succinate, etc., wherein MSG, I + G and succinic acid production process are part of the process of chemical synthesis, so the taste all with a certain chemical taste, resulting in consumers unpleasant taste feeling. The production of YE is a natural biodegradation processes, it tastes more natural and soft, can bring rich and full of natural taste for seasoning.

Clean label

With the "Clean Label" concept speading globally,in the EU and other developed countries and regions, yeast extract (YE) became a popular ingredient, mainly because it is a natural flavoring materials, It does not belong to the category of food additives, can significantly improve product flavor.

"As a food company, it is difficult to ensure the food quality and flavor while without adding any food additives and chemical Umamisouce products " Daejeon, Korea University professor Park Kwan Yick appointed "And by adding YE, not only make the food flavor functions be maintained and strengthened, but also to meet the consumer demand for natural, healthy and clean labels. "

In recent years, Angel aim at the world-class companies, through constant innovation, increase investment in the field of the yeast extract, to form a leading global competitive advantage. Angel also Launched much of new YE products to meet the needs of clean label for food industry and consumers

Natural characteristic

YE natural characteristic was determained by its raw materials and processing technology,the main raw material of YE is molasses - a by product left after sugar producing, yeast species growth in molasses which is one of the suitable medium to yeast, and yeast cream is the main raw material for the production of YE,in the mean while the enzyme to degrade yeast is biological properties. In addition, the main components of YE are protein, amino acids and group B vitamins, these ingredients are existing in nature,so this makes the nutritional and healthy characteristics of YE due to this natural attributes,and it also become a favorable choice to food makers,such as soy sauce YE can be used to enhance the flavor of soy sauce to add zero, but not considered to be added food additives, thus it is also got more attentions in food industry, and is recognized and accepted by the most of food consumers.

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