Teriyaki chicken leg rice |Yeast extract in Asia cuisines

By Willer Wu

May 12, 2021

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chicken leg, broccoli, carrot, five-spice powder, salt, soy sauce, honey, rice wine


1. Wash the chicken leg, and drain.

2. Remove the bones with knife, and pat the chicken leg with the back of the knife

3. Use knife to poke some tiny holes on the chicken skin.

4. Marinate the chicken leg with cooking wine, salt, and five-spice powder.

5. Make the teriyaki sauce by adding two spoons of rice wine, one spoon of honey, and two spoons of soy sauce. Mix them well.

6. Heat up a little oil and add in the marinated chicken legs, with the chicken skin downward.

7. Saute the chicken until golden brown on both sides. Add in the teriyaki sauce.

8. Simmer and keep stirring the sauces on low heat until thickened.

9. Wash the broccoli and carrots and cut them into small pieces, blanch them in boiling water with salt and cooking oil. Stir evenly with salt and sesame oil.

10. Pour a little teriyaki sauce on the rice. Cut the chicken evenly into four pieces. Serve with mixed vegetables.

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