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A special report-"Angel, the world leader of yeast for healthy life" was broadcasted at prime time for 2 minutes at the famous program "First Time" on CCTV Financial Channel on November 27, 2012. It introduced Angel's developments in baking, fermented pasta, seasoning and other fields. In recent years, YE, as a natural and safe food ingredient has been widely introduced into the food industry and people's daily lives as the requirement of healthy living is upgrading and growing attention is paid to food safety... click here

New products

Angel Yeast Extract Paste LT01- The Characteristics of Salt & Acid Tolerance
LT01 is a paste product specially developed for soy sauce, with the application of directed enzymolysis, directed screening and other international advanced scientific technology. It can maintain consistent quality and stability in various harsh environments of the food industry. With its characteristics of being highly targeted, it tolerates the salt and acid of soy sauce and does not affect the clarity of soy sauce, and it also strengthens and enriches the flavor of the soy sauce, and mellows the taste. It is the first choice of soy sauce.


YE Application

YE application for soy sauce industry
For the high-salt liquid soy sauce:
*YE can well mask the bad smell of soy sauce fermentation and highlight the prominent natural fermentation flavor and produce an aroma of certain characteristic;
*YE can well coordinate and balance the flavors of the raw materials to ease the straight product sense, enhance the soy sauce flavor and overall mellow sense, and make the taste of soy products more natural and gentler;
*YE can effectively increase the salt-free solids, increase product total nitrogen, increase amino acids, increase consistency, increase color brightness and other important physicochemical and sensory indicators.

For the low-salt liquid soy sauce:
*YE can increase flavor, enhance the nutritional content and freshness of the soy sauce, upgrade the soy sauce. YE is both a flavor enhancer and nutrition enhancer;
*YE can ease the sourness, remove bitterness, and shield the bad smell generated by the fermentation instability;
*TS Series YE products, through Maillard, has the rich sauce flavor and supplements the sauce flavor;
*YE can effectively increase the product physicochemical and sensory indicators.


Quality Management
Angel passed :
ISO9002-1994 international quality management system certification in 1997,
ISO9001-2000 international quality management system certification in 2003,
and HACCP food safety control system certification in April 2004;
BRC certification in April 2009;
Angel Testing Center was accredited by CNAS in September 2003.

Angel's YE production follow the principle of "safety, nutrition, health, and environmental protection", and its product design must go through careful and rigorous evaluation and audit within the system before production and promotion...Read


Angel YE division Exhibitions 2013

  Time Place Booth No.
FI China Mar. 26-28, 2013 Shanghai, China 2C302D31
FIA Philippines Jun. 26-28, 2013 Manila, Philippines H15
IFT 2013 Jul. 14-16, 2013 Chicago, USA No. 2283
FIA Thailand Sep. 11-13, 2013 Bangkok, Thailand H29
FIE 2013 Nov. 19-21, 2013 Frankfurt, Germany 8L63
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