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The 3rd "Angel Yeast Cup" Steamed Buns Competition Awards Ceremony was held on August 10. Zheng Pengyuan from Wuhan Business University, Liu Juan from Changchun Zhongzhijie Food Co., Ltd, and Zeng Yufei from Shanghai Xujiahui Vocational High School ranked the top 3 of the Individual Contest... click here


New Products
Angel Semi-dry yeast PDF
Free-flowing particles, also in frozen state.Easily scaled, also via automated scaling devices. Simply packed in sealable polythene bags, because this yeast is not affected by either oxygen or moisture. Shelf life of 2 years when stored at -18 °C....Download



Biologic News
Biological products--say NO to GMO
The controversy of GM foods’ safety was pushed to the cusp of public opinion. Nowadays, this controversy does not only exist in GM foods which we could eat directly, but also in some biological products based on GM animal/vegetable origin materials...Read



Animal Nutrition News
Angel Made Great Progress on Prevention and Control of Piglet Diarrhea
The premature gastrointestinal tract of early weaned piglets, without the passive immune protection of breastmilk, is more susceptible to pathogens, dietary adjustments and the impact of environmental stress.The vast majority of diarrhea cases were eventually confirmed with E. coli and other pathogenic bacteria infection...Read


Beverage Yeast News
Application of Angel's Yeast Accessories in Wine-making
Wine production needs various accessories which play important role in wine-making. It includes SO2, pectinase, active dry yeast, yeast nutrients, yeast hulls, polysaccharides, lactic acid bacteria. Many accessories are "taken from the yeast, and using for it," such as yeast hulls, polysaccharides, inactive yeast, yeast nutrient...Read


YE-savoury News

Concerted Umami effects of yeast extract, MSG and I+G
Definition of Umami strength: Have one Umami substance as the reference substance and add another type of Umami substance to enhance the Umami, afterwards, the Umami taste will increase. Dilute the solution until the original Umami is resumed. The multiple of dilution shall be the Umami strength..Read


Enzymes News
ANGEL to enter the field of enzyme preparations

To enrich the products and technical service capabilities, ANGEL began to do the research of enzyme since 2003. The enzyme products of ANGEL YEAST have covered the processing of yeast extract, starch processing industry, feed industry as well asthe pharmaceutical industry till now...Read


Baking News
Angel Yeast Extended Its Brand in Fipan, Brazil
Jul22 to 25, 2013, Angel Yeast company attended Fipan exhibition in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This exhibition is the only professional bakery exhibition of Brazil. Many distributors, bakeries , baking ingredients manufactures, flour mills and baking equipment manufacturers attended the fair...Read


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