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CRM– the closing tie between clients and Angel Yeast

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 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the information exchange channel between customers and enterprise. CRM shall help communication proceed without hindrance really during the cooperation; and promoted service efficiency for clients; reduce mistakes or errors tremendously during the communication.

Angel CRM system build up in 2009 on the basic of SAP ERP system. This CRM actually is a platform combined following functions: placing orders, money returned, account checking, and communication. The customers shall experience a new service differ from traditional business methods. CRM shall meet the development of modern business. 

1. Placing order on line, quicker & precise.

Placing order in traditional way like fax, telephone to, most people felt it’s inconvenience, or communication repeated etc. But nowadays, you could place your order with all details on line via Angel CRM system. Your order shall be deal with immediately, the shipment shall be arranged by Angel in first time by CRM.

It’s so easy to handle without any telephone call, or facsimile.

2. Faster & more convenient on money returned

In case you returned your money via the bank system, it’s average taking your 30 minutes for one business with some banking cost. By the means of Angel CRM, you could return your money at home easily online, with your Web Bank account. No time limitation, no cost at all.

3. Account checking as your wish on Angel CRM.

Any customer could check your account, your orders, your payments and your shipment by the means of Angel CRM. Any details information’s available for your business any time. Your business shall be more successful with high efficiency.

4. Information sharing

You could share Angel fresh information enough on products, marketing policy, promotion campaigns. All documentation involved for your business is available for your possible download.

Angel CRM service is highly evaluated & recommended since it lunched in 2010. The “CRM service month” launched for the purpose try to let more clients enjoy the advantage of Angel CRM.

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