GroPro attracts interests by customers in Thailand

A GroPro promotion meeting was held Bangkok in Thailand by Angel Animal Nutrition recently. Thirty people from local feed mills and farms attended the meeting. The technical engineer Chris Chan gave a presentation on GroPro and yeast cell wall, including the mechanism and effect presentation. the sales manager Luis Yuan gave a induction of Angel Yeast.

GroPro is a feed ingredient derived from yeast which enhances all the nutritional and health benefits of yeast. It provides young animals digestible proteins and functional nucleic acids to help them get through critical early growth stages. GroPro also provides exogenous nucleic acids for young animals, which saves time and energy for nucleic acids synthesis, and promotes them growth more rapidly. Proteins in GroPro are in the form of free amino acids and peptides, which will be more helpful in protein synthesis and digestion.

The data of animal trials presenting during the seminar had attendants go over through GroPro. There were two farms having already used the product, which made distributor have more confidence in Angel Animal Nutrition. (2017-7-4)

Technical engineer Chris Chan was giving presentation in front of customers

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