A letter to our clients

Dear clients and friends: 

During the Spring Festival in 2020, a sudden outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new coronavirus broke the peace and quiet of the usual Festival, turning the holiday of the whole country into a war against the epidemic. At this moment, Angel, as all of you at home or abroad, urgently hopes that the people from Wuhan, China and the world will defeat the virus as soon as possible and return to normal life. 

Our company has been informed of the epidemic situation of 2019-nCoV. We had set up Epidemic Prevention and Control Department, and launched an emergency plan. 

Yichang plant has been closed at the request of the Government prevention and control system for the time being. However, Angel’s multi-point plants in the east, west, north and south China and two overseas factories in Russia, and Egypt are now running at full capacity to ensure the stable supply in the global market. 

We now solemnly promise to our customers: We work on good management of personnel hygiene requirements, pay closely attention to health status of personnel coming in and out of the factory, disinfect and protect vehicles and goods.

We donated RMB 6 million to help fight against novel coronavirus epidemic, which includes 1 million yuan through the Municipal Charity Federation and 5 million yuan of angel health products to Yichang Red Cross and Wuhan city.

What can not be ignored is the strong support that Angel clients around the world have always given us. Angel, is our common brand, and our common home. We trust it, rely on it and fight for it together, and you are the confidence and motivation through our way of fighting. 

Angle is headquartered in Yichang City, Hubei Province. People in Wuhan are our brothers and sisters, and Hubei is our home. The virus is terrible, but it can only isolated space, not love. We are paying close attention to every customer and friend in the epidemic area at this special period, and we will give you our full support. 

We also believe that with the correct leadership of CPC and Chinese government, the meticulous treatment of medical workers, and the hard work of workers in every industries, the victory of this battle is not far away.

Best regards

Angel Yeast

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