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Angel established technical centre to support Tibet's local industries

Dec.3, 2021

by Haiyu Zhong

In October 9 2021, Angel donated the complete set of the walnut protein peptide industrialization technology and 2 independent innovation patents to Jiacha County,boosting the development of local agricultural industrialization. Two days later, on October 11, the People's Government of Shannan City signed a Strategic investment agreement with Angel, in which Angel planned to invest 500 million yuan in the construction of intelligent probiotics project. This is the first major project of scientific and technological achievement transformation since Hubei province promoted scientific and technological aid to Tibet.


Under the guidance and help of the Hubei Tibet Aid Team, Angel Group set up Yichang Biotechnology Public Service Centre Tibet Branch(Hereinafter referred to as the Tibet Branch) in Shannan in 2020, and set up Tibet Angel Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to be responsible for the daily operation of the Tibet Branch.

  Walnuts from Jiacha County, Xizang Province,

  Walnuts from Jiacha County, Xizang Province,

Walnuts from Jiacha County, Xizang Province, "the hometown of walnuts for thousands of years"


The Tibet Branch aims to promote the sustainable and high-quality development of the food and biological industries in Tibet, focusing on the four focal points of the Tibet.

  1. The development of microbial strain resources to realize the industrialization of beneficial functional microorganisms.

  2. The resource exploitation of walnut and other agricultural products, to achieve its high-value utilization and in-depth development.

  3. The incubation of food and biotechnology industries in Tibet. Providing inspection and testing services and all-round technical support for Tibetan enterprises to promote the high-quality development of Tibetan food and biological industries.

  4. Baking and other applied technology talents training. Through the cultivation of the person with ability, make technology benefiting the people.

  Angel Tibet Branch Baking Center

  Angel Tibet Branch Baking Center

Angel Tibet Branch Baking Center


The Tibet Branch relies on the advantages of the public service center in science and technology, talents and industry incubation, has established the Tibet Microbial Strain Resource Development Center, Tibet Agricultural Products and Food Inspection and Testing Center, Tibet Agricultural Products and Chinese Medicinal Materials Deep Development Center, Plant Effectiveness Ingredient purification and industry incubation platform, Tibetan Plateau Probiotic Species Resource Library.


The Tibet Branch center effectively connects with local biological and food-related research institutes and enterprises, promotes the transformation and application of scientific and technological achievements, accelerates the incubation, industrialization, transformation and upgrading of the biological food industry, comprehensively revitalizes specialty industries.


  The Tibetan Plateau Probiotic Species Resource Library

  The Tibetan Plateau Probiotic Species Resource Library

The Tibet Branch fully focuses on the development of microbial Strain resources in Tibet. With footprints all over many regions of Tibet, 494 strains were isolated and purified, 6 national invention patents were declared, and the platform of "Tibetan Plateau Probiotic Species Resource Library" was established.


Since the Tibet Branch established for more than a year, it has made full use of the Angel Group’s market channels and the R&D team from the Industrial Innovation Technology Center. Started from market and technical assistance to Tibet, in support of the development of the Jiacha County’s walnut industry, promoted walnut oil sales to increase by 50%. And innovatively intended key technologies for the industrialization of walnut protein peptides. At present, the intelligent production line designed is under construction.

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