This is Angel in my mind

Hello, dear colleagues and friends, and everyone who reads this article!My name is Ilya Osipov and I was a student, but now a real employee and a member of our company from Russia. I, like other people, was lucky enough to get to China for training and become part of the Angel Yeast Company. So, after all the time spent in China, I want to share with you my impressions and thoughts about the atmosphere prevailing within the company.

When I arrived in Yichang, I started out as an ordinary student with no work experience and practical skills.But now I can confidently say that I learned a lot. We dedicated the first month to the study of the theoretical foundations and knowledge of microbiology, water treatment, marketing, history, etc.Then we went to work in factory to gain practical skills and be acquainted with the rules of work at the enterprise. I have become a worker in the packaging section, and very proud of it. Also, I had a great chance to get to the plant in the city of ChongZuo and learn the most advanced and sophisticated equipment.For example, packaging machine Kenos 60 and Kuka robots that are part of an automatic packaging  line.For all this, I want to say a huge thank you to the executives of the company, the University teachers, and our masters.The company creates all favorable conditions for the development, fulfillment, and enhance their professional skills.

I want to emphasize the friendly relations between the people and the team spirit in the team. Despite some difficulties due to the language barrier, Chinese colleagues have found a way to explain and more available to talk about the key points of the work and equipment.In addition, I have noticed that every Chinese worker tries to help another, to suggest anything or join forces to solve the problem.And the events that the company organizes stable, to further enhance the friendship between people. For example, a visit to the Museum of urban planning, a visit to the dam in Yichang city, the mid-autumn Festival, the celebration of 30 anniversary of our company, and many others.

I was especially impressed by the working spirit in the company. I mean such qualities of some people as diligence, commitment, integrity, diligence, dedication, great desire to help and work. When you see people work from morning until night, without a break for lunch, dinner or toilet, only to quickly solve the problem that is delaying production. Then you know what the real spirit of the company. And why our company is growing so rapidly in the past 30 years. At the plant in all Angel employs many such people, who by their example and zeal inspire others to work tirelessly for the benefit of the company.

Thus, all of the above me, is only part of the corporate spirit and culture of the company Angel Yeast Company. Over time, aware of all this. I realized that I was lucky to become a member of a huge wonderful family that has traditions, ideals, values, and supportive relationships.And most importantly, a family that has a common goal. From the message of the President YuXuefeng: Angel, by adhering to its mission of "creating a new healthy life" and the entrepreneur spirit of "pursuing satisfaction, but never being satisfied", has been carrying out continuous improvement, in order to create an international company of "technology internationalization, market internationalization, management internationalization, talent internationalization" and to create prosperity together with its global customers through stable quality, perfect service, and healthy brand image.

And we, Russian colleagues, in turn, is our goal to build the most modern  plant in Angel and the most modern yeast plant in Russia, and to bring in the spirit and culture of the company to promote common development and prosperity in China and Russia.Together we can achieve the great results!

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