UNICA: Ethanol production sets new record during 2018-’19 season


UNICA, the Brazilian sugarcane industry association, has released final data for the 2018-’19 crop season, which ended March 31. Ethanol production reached a record high during the season, despite a drop in the volume of sugarcane processed.

According to UNICA, units in the south-central region of Brazil processed 573.07 million tons of sugarcane during the 2018-’19 season, down 3.9 percent when compared to the previous season.

Ethanol production set a new seasonal record, reaching 30.95 billion liters (8.18 million gallons), up 18.63 when compared to the volume produced during the 2017-’18 harvest season, and 9.67 percent higher than the previous record, which was set during the 2015-’16 harvest season.

Of the total volume of ethanol produced during the 2018-’19 crop year, 9.14 billion liters was anhydrous ethanol and 21.81 billion liters was hydrous ethanol. When compared to the previous season, hydrous ethanol production was up 39.17 percent.

UNICA reported that corn ethanol production grew 50 percent when compared to the 2017-’18 harvest, reaching 791.43 million liters.

Ethanol sales reached 31.08 billion liters during the 2018-’19 harvest season, up 17.53 percent when compared to the previous season. Of that volume, 1.63 billion liters was destined for export, with 29.44 billion liters sold domestically.

In the domestic market, sales of hydrous ethanol reached 20.9 billion liters, up 34.84 percent when compared to the 2017-’19 season. Sales of anhydrous ethanol, however, fell by 9.48 percent to 8.54 billion liters.

UNICA reported 81 plants in the south-central region of Brazil were operational as of March 32, including 73 units that were processing sugarcane and eight that were producing corn ethanol. By the end of the first half of April, UNICA expects 176 plants to be operational.

Reprinted from Ethanol Producer Magazine


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