With ultimate fermentation technology, Angel attends FEW

The 33rd international Fuel Ethanol workshop & Expo (FEW) is held in Minneapolis, the USA, on June 19-21, 2017. More than 150 speakers from more than 350 exhibitors delivers more than 50 professional technical lectures, attracting more than 500 alcohol factories around the world and nearly 2,000 participants.

Angel company makes its debut in this meeting by bringing new types of alcohol yeast , fermented nutrition, enzymes and other series of products, which integrates with the world's most advanced fuel ethanol technology, attracting companies from the United States, Britain, Argentina, India and other countries to consult and exchange ideas.

In this expo, with new technology and new products, Angel focuses on the introduction of the newly developed technology –the ultimate fermentation technology, aiming at helping the industry to save energy, achieve environmental standards, make technological progress, promote consumption of alcohol and fuel ethanol, including second-generation fiber Ethanol and other new technology development, and ultimately break through the plight of the development of the industry to achieve food safety and energy security.

Pictures of the expo

1.FEW opening ceremony and technical forum


2.the customers reception


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