[Conference news] Angel Yeast attend Industrial Bio-Process Optimization and Control Conference 2016

From Apr16. to 17, 2016,  Industrial Bio-Process Optimization and Control Conference 2016, organized by Modeling and Control of bio-process of Chinese microbiology society, was successfully held in Yichang, China. More than 300 professors, R&D directors and technicians attended this conference.

In this conference, speakers and participants focued on latest application and researches, mining of massive data sets in bio-process and optimization, hardware / software technology of equipment and instrument, etc. Besides, construction and screening of strains, large scale cell culture and analysis of massive data, separation and purity of products, waste treatment from biotechnology, etc. were also discussed deeply. 

Fig.1. Professor Deng Zixin make a speech in conference 

Fig.2. Professor Shi Weichen make a speech in conference

Fig.3. President of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd., Mr. Yu Xuefeng


Fig.4. Conference hall

Fig 5. Visiting the production line of Angel Yeast Co., Ltd.

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