Fubon attend CAC in 2018

On March 7th, 2018, Angel Company was invited to attend the 19th China International Agrochemical & Corp Protection Exhibition (CAC) held in Shanghai. This year, the CAC was held around the theme of “new normal”, new field and new opportunity, by the various forms like exhibition, professional meeting, announcements about new products and new technology, to codify the intelligent and to guide the industry direction with the best strategy under the globalization vision

The 19th CAC attracted many well-known enterprises in China, together with lots of famous enterprises and merchants from America, South Korea, Japan, Russia, South Africa, UAE, Malaysia, Brazil, India etc…China International Fertilizer Show has become the bridge of communication and cooperation between the fertilizer industry at home and abroad. 

The Plant Nutrition and Protection Division of Angel Company mainly demonstrated the yeast nutritious concentrate, dry powder of yeast nutritious concentrate, and many kinds of fertilizers, like organic fertilizer, bio-organic fertilizer, tobacco stem bio-organic fertilizer, water-soluble fertilizer etc… during the exhibition, Angel company successfully attracted many manufacturers and merchants from home and abroad, with the organic resource superiority and prominent position of Angel’s “Fubon” in organic fertilizer industry. 

Introduce “Fubon” products to experts and customers

Staff introduce products to customers

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