Angel participated in BIG SEVEN 2017 at South Africa

On June 25, it witnessed the grand opening of BIG SEVEN 2017 in Johannesburg, capital city of South Africa. This conference has attracted more than 1000 companies globally and estimated visitors of more than 20,000. Angel Bakery International and YE International participated jointly.

Targeting at local market and consumption mode, Angel presented products like Angel 500g dry yeast, Angel 10g small packaged dry yeast, bread improver, aluminum free baking powder, custard powder, pure YE, YE with high nucleic acid and other YE based seasonings. Angel also presented other yeasts and bakery ingredients.

On the very day, major channel distributors and big users visit Angel booth proactively. Customers of Chain Store channel and Chinese customers overseas show interests especially upon small packaged products. They also show great interests upon Angel top-selling products in surrounding countries.

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