Baking demonstrations hold in Angel Cairo

December 20 2015, Cairo local time, a baking demonstrations hold in Angel headquarters Cairo Egypt. 25 key baking users and bakers attended demo, including bakers from military unit Egypt. The demo hold jointly by Angel Yeast Export Dept. Baking and fermentation technology center & Cairo Headquarters. 

The Angel Yeast’s development, product & services area introduced to the attendants. Additionally, deeply information exchanging on the what local bakers concerned on site. 

The baker masters from Angel Yeast introduced nice functions of Angel Yeast, and how to use it better in bakery on key points & details involved. Some process on Croissant, Hamburg, Baguette and Arab bread demoed on spot.

A quiz game in bakery technology process participated on site for attendants. Finally, the Angel up dated bread formula lunched to local bakers. And some Angel new food ingredient samples lunched as well in the demo.


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