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AG-2 is an active dry yeast most suitable and is suitable for producing of wheat, corn and other grain whiskies. It has a short lag time, fast and strong fermentation, clean body, and balanced taste. It also has high glucose and ethanol tolerance, and the use of saccharification enzyme preparation can improve the utilization of maltotriose and dextrin.

Typical Analysis:

Moisture: ≤7%

Living yeast cell: ≥10 billion cfu/g

Wild yeast: ≤1000 cfu/g

Total number of colonies: ≤ 5000 cfu/g

Lactobacillus: ≤1000 cfu/g

Pathogenic microorganisms: not detectable


Fermentation temperature: 25~35℃

Alcohol tolerance: 18°% (v/v)

Apparent fermentation: >80%





Directions for Use:

Rehydrate the yeast in 5-10 times its volume of lukewarm water or low-concentration wort (mix with 1/3 fermented wort and 2/3 water) at 22~30℃, and leave to rest for 7~15 minutes, gently stir and then leave it for 10~15 minutes to pitch into fermentor.


500g*20/Caron, aluminum vacuum bag


It should be stored in low temperature and dry place away from temperature above 25°C or humidity, and in such conditions, the product is stable for 24 months. Opened packages can be sealed and used within 7 days.

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